2016 brought us bell sleeves, 24/7 sneakers and off-the-shoulder everything. While many of these styles are still trending, we’re also looking forward to a wave of fresh 2017 trends. Curious what styles to get behind this year? Here are a few straight from the runway. Cheers to new fashion beginnings starting now!

All Yellow Everything

Yellow can get a bad rap for being a not-so-flattering color. (Just ask my mother!) Not in 2017. This year, you can expect to see the hue show up everywhere, from formal gowns to playful cocktail attire. Plus, the shade is also surprisingly photogenic, so snap away!

From the Etcetera Spring 2017 Collection, Quince takes yellow to a new hue. Who knew?

Fringe…with Benefits

Fringe is one of THE embellishments of 2017, showing up predominately in the accessories department but also on everything from formal dresses to beach wear. The detail adds a modern twist to the Western-esque feature, making it a fabulous choice for any eclectic or boho-leaning dresser. Try this look to spice up an LBD or add a little flair to a wedding guest look. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, pull out the fringe for your next hot date.

Did I hear a formal wedding is in your future? Here is the perfect LBD (Long Black Dress) all decked out in fringe. Meet Rave from Etcetera’s 2017 Summer Collection.

Ruffles, Please

Feminine fashion mavens, rejoice! Ruffles are back and in a big way. Ruffles are the new cutouts, spotlighting all the right places. The best part you ask? They’re not just for special occasions. While we all love the style in formal settings (a ruffled cocktail dress is truly hard to beat), this look is getting a 2017 update by making an appearance in casual wear too. From work-appropriate blouses to by-the-beach tops, get excited to rock ruffles this year.

The Trinidad blouse from Etcetera’s 2017 Spring Collection marries two trends in one. Ruffles and yellow!

One Shoulder Only

If you’re looking for a replacement for your off-the-shoulder obsession, this is it. The one shoulder trend is popping up on dresses everywhere. While your favorite cold shoulder number still remains on trend, this gives you another option. It’s easy to love the look for its high-fashion air and ability to instantly elevate any outfit.

Kennebunk from the Etcetera Summer Collection takes a casual chic multi-faceted approach. Wear it off-the-shoulder, one shoulder or on the shoulders. You get three looks in one dress!


Conversation Clutches

Loathe small talk and forced networking? Try a conversation clutch instead! The eye-catching accessory is a great way to begin a discussion with a party guest or event attendee without being a bore. Outsmart small talk this year and carry a clutch that gives you (or the person you’re talking to) a perfect reason to break the ice. I have a conversation piece cigar box purse that stands out in a crowd and does all the talking.

The Fashion Plate owns two conversation piece purses very similar to these. Love the stories these artful accessories can tell!

Vacation Prints

Whether you’ve got a trip on the books or just want to add some chill vibes to your life, bring the beach to your wardrobe with vacation prints. Bright, playful and unique, the style will make serious waves this summer.


Caribbean or Vacation dresses will take you there! Both dresses are from the Etcetera 2017 Summer Collection.


Not-So-Straightforward Stripes

Move over nautical stripes. There’s a new stripe in town! While the Brigitte Bardot by-the-sea stripes will always be in style, 2017 is all about adding a funky flare to the classic look. What does this mean, exactly? The stripes of the future will feature standout shades, asymmetrical touches and mix-and-match patterns. Excited yet? You should be!

Stripe it up with Dockside jeans and the Cape May knit tank from the Etcetera 2017 Summer Collection.


Spring’s hottest handbag and shoe trends? Dive into perforated, suede, laser cut and woven looks. And hats?  Fedoras are everywhere! More hot colors? Shades of blues, pinks, greens and neutrals are especially on trend.

For many of the Spring and Summer looks pictured here, visit  www.etcetera.com

And then save the date to check out the Collections in person with The Fashion Plate at my Etcetera Summer Show May 11-17 in Chapel Hill.  For more information about The Fashion Plate Etcetera Summer Show, contact me by email at ktskinut@bellsouth.net.

Step into Spring in Style!