Is $775,000 too much or not enough to pay the new president of the UNC System?Lew Margolis

Is a raise of 9.6 percent too much or not enough for the chancellor at Chapel Hill?

The worthy mission of the UNC System, “to discover, create, transmit, and apply knowledge to address the needs of individuals and society,” invites thought, analysis, and dialogue about the these questions.

Sadly, the only thinking that has been shared is that market forces drive these changes.  I know that the topic of the role and power of the invisible hand of the marketplace stimulates heated debate.

I would suggest that the mission of the university to discover, create, transmit, and apply knowledge obliges everyone involved:  The Board of Governors; faculty; staff; students, to add the forces of critical thinking to the forces of the market.

So many of the most valuable aspects of universities are what economists call public goods, which don’t well lend themselves to market forces.

Each campus and the university system would benefit from discussions of the criteria used to allocate the precious taxpayer-provided resources for senior leadership in higher education.

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What about the new president will advance the mission of the UNC System?  How do we measure that value?

How have the efforts of Chancellor Folt, to advance Chapel Hill’s mission of scholarship, research, and creativity been translated into a raise?

Universities are complex institutions which need to invest in high quality leadership.  So what may, at first glance, seem like extravagant compensation  may be right on target.

Let’s at least have the discussion.  Our state’s commitment to higher education would be enriched.

Lew Margolis