Chapel Hill Town Councilman Lee Storrow appeared in court Tuesday morning on a DWI charge.

The case against Storrow was continued until December 8, to allow Storrow time to complete an alcohol support class at UNC.

Storrow says the support class has been beneficial in the days since his arrest.

“I have found that to be a positive experience,” Storrow says. “I have not consumed alcohol since this incident happened and actually seen a lot of personal health benefits from that that I’ve been reflecting upon.”

He says he has been encouraged through his time in the class.

“My counselor has felt very positive about the work that I’ve been doing,” Storrow says. “And he’s recommended, as has my attorney, that I finish the 30 hours.”

Storrow adds he has completed more than 20 hours of the 30-hour program.

Storrow was arrested and charged with driving while impaired and speeding in late August. Storrow was pulled over when his 2012 Toyota Prius was clocked going 63 in a 35 mile per hour zone near Municipal Drive on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, according to Chapel Hill Police.

Storrow willfully submitted a sample of his breath for chemical analysis, according to records. The test showed Storrow’s blood-alcohol content was a .16, twice the legal limit to drive in North Carolina.

Storrow entered a guilty plea to the DWI charge in early September. As part of the agreement for Storrow’s guilty plea, the state agreed to drop the speeding charge, which prosecutors say is standard procedure in a case like this.

Storrow is scheduled to appear in court once again for sentencing on December 8. Storrow was elected to the Town Council in 2011 and lost his re-election bid earlier this month.