On Tuesday at the Friday Center at 7 pm, scientists and civic leaders will discuss the climate and economic impacts of a massive expansion of fracking gas by the nation’s largest electric utility.

Duke Energy is planning to build 15 large gas-burning power plants.  This would accelerate the global climate crisis at the worst possible time.

That’s because methane leakage throughout the gas industry – and especially from fracking – is now the key driver of US greenhouse emissions.

State politicians and regulators have shielded Duke from debating experts who have grave concerns about the expansion.

So NC WARN and allies are bringing the experts to the public.

A key topic at the Friday Center on Tuesday will be the corporate influence that continues to prevent North Carolina from making an urgently needed shift to clean, competitive and affordable energy.

The NAACP’s Rev. Rodney Sadler will point to North Carolina’s moral duty to help slow the climate crisis and promote energy justice.

A growing alliance is driving these issues into an open, public debate.  We intend to move this state into an energy future based on clean, job-creating energy that helps slow global warming and promotes economic and environmental justice.

— Jim Warren