Fall Obsessions

Fall Obsessions

It may not always feel like fall outside in our southern slice of heaven, but fall is here with another month plus to go. Here are some fall style favorites to kick-start your wardrobe in case you’ve been caught in a summer rut.

Dark Romance
Lace is more this fall. Oversized lace florals create a three-dimensional impression that’s difficult to ignore and impossible to forget. Sheer insets and plunging necklines add to the allure.

70’s Revival
Bare shoulders and bell sleeves make for an irresistible combination. Add a choker or scarf around the neck, pull on some over-the-knee boots and let the dramatic streak continue. The bare shoulder look has gone from a steamy summer trend to a year-round wardrobe essential

70s Bell Sleeves - Bare Shoulders

The New Plaid
Step aside Brittney Spears. This is not your 90’s plaid. It’s sophisticated, distinctive and showing up in new and unexpected places. Like shoes, jeans, moto jackets and even sunglasses.

plaid2 plaid

Party Pants
Everyone is invited to this pant party, because wide-leg is in, faux leather is chic and skinny pants never go out of style. There’s literally a pant for everyone!

Full Skirted
Whether it’s a top and skirt or a long billowy dress, this striking silhouette flatters every figure with head-turning perfection.

It’s all in the detail. Artisan jackets with exquisite embroidered details are everywhere this season. Tassels and grommets abound. Tassel detail can be seen on purses, shoes, tops, necklaces, key chains—you name it! Grommets are infused in tops, dresses, pants and accessories.







And The Fashion Plate’s favorite year-long lace-up trend continues.

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