Approximately 25,000 revelers took to Franklin Street on Monday night for Halloween, according to Chapel Hill Police.

Authorities say one arrest was made in the area closed off for the celebration after a report was made that the suspect groped a victim; officials said more information was not available at the time of the release.

Orange County Emergency Services also responded to four calls in the area – three were alcohol related and one was an “unspecified medial issues,” according to police. Officials say one of the alcohol-related issues led to the individual being transported to the UNC Hospitals Emergency Department.

The roads were cleared at 11 o’clock Monday night and cleaned off by town crews before reopening to traffic just after 11:30.

The estimation of 25,000 costume-clad celebrators is down significantly from the approximately 40,000 on the streets in 2015. Town officials say the crowds have varied from 22,000 to 40,000 since 2010.

Those crowd sizes were cut down drastically from about 80,000 when the town made an effort after 2008 to cut down on out-of-town guests and turn the Halloween celebration into a more family friendly event.

The town splits the costs of Homegrown Halloween with the university.