On March 8, 2018 Ron Stutts welcomed to the studio Erik Myers, certified cicerone, author of “North Carolina Craft Beer & Breweries”, founder, brewer and CEO at Mystery Brewing in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Erik shared beer, bacon and coffee on air. Mystery Brewing is also proud to debut their churro-inspired beer called Domestic Goddess made by all of the women that work in the brewery, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

“Anything that shows up in town (events) is good for us or in the area. When we see more people in the area we see more business at our pub and so by that same token we try to bring events into the area as well so that we can also help support other businesses around us.

“Local is really important to us. Community is really important to us, and if we can do a good job of bringing people into our business, whether that’s from the local community or tourism from outside of the community then those are people who are not just going to come to us, right?

“Those are the people that are going to stay in the local hotels, those are the people that are going to go to the other restaurants, and go to a local concert and that kind of thing.

“And that is the engine that not only keeps tourism alive but also your local economy. Because they’re supporting other local business who are hopefully paying a living wage and bringing wealth into your community and that to me, is why tourism is incredibly important.”