UNC men’s basketball coach Roy Williams is on the rebound after leaving Carolina’s win over Clemson at halftime on Saturday.

“I’m feeling a lot better than I looked when I walked out of the game on Saturday,” Williams said during a teleconference with reporters Monday. “Our kids did a great job. Coach [Steve] Robinson and Coach [Hubert] Davis, Coach [Brad] Frederick did an amazing job for us. But it didn’t surprise me. Coach Robinson’s been with me for 24 years.”

Robinson took over as head coach after Williams left the court just before halftime. Williams joined Robinson after Saturday’s game to provide an update on his status.

Williams had been dealing with vertigo for years. He also left a game at Boston College after falling ill in the second half of a game in 2016.

Williams said UNC was in good position with Robinson ready to step in to lead the team.

“It’s a tremendous value,” Williams said of his long-time assistant. “Oh my gosh, I’m not intelligent enough to put it into words. Twenty-four years he’s been with me, so he’s been like a brother, he’s been a confidant, he’s been a head coach for seven years.”

The decades coaching together, Williams said, had also led to a close personal relationship.

“I love him as a person. I trust him. I trust him with my life, my family. And he’s very, very bright, very organized…So he’s a quality coach and a guy that I really have a great deal of respect for and genuine love for.”