The battle for the quarterback position is heating up for the Tar Heel football team. The competition between returning starter Marquise Williams and talented slinger Mitch Trubisky has been an intriguing storyline this spring in Chapel Hill.

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“He [Coach Fedora] said the best man will play. If I’m the best man, he’s going to put me in the game no matter what year I am. I’m looking forward to that. I’m going to try to be the best man this season so I can go out and be the starting quarterback for Carolina. That’s what I’m trying to do,” Trubisky says.

Redshirt freshman Trubisky sat out last season while his teammate Williams grabbed the signal caller reins from injured Bryn Renner.

But experience from last season doesn’t seem to be hurting Trubisky’s confidence on his ability to be the starter when Carolina races out onto Kenan Stadium Aug. 30 to face Liberty.

Williams says he relishes every bit of the dynamics of the open competition.

“That’s one guy that I respect. He comes to compete every day. I love competition. Competition’s been in my blood. He’s a great guy. I love the way he pushes me and I push him,” Williams says.

Despite rumors circulating around the huddle that it’s Williams’ job to lose, Trubisky maintains his belief the spot is up for grabs as the two continue to wage battle this spring.

“I’m not looking up to him. I see this as a competition. I’ve heard that some people think he’s the favorite or that he still has the job, but it is an open competition. As far as I’m concerned, I have just as equal right to be the starter this year as he does. That’s how I’m going about it. I want to be the starter,” Trubisky says.

Williams doesn’t disagree. The junior oozes with confidence when he says “nothing is going to stop me.”

“You got to feel like nothing’s guaranteed. I’m just going to keep on getting it. Nothing’s going to stop me. I’m confident off last year’s season. I’m just keeping on building off that and letting the coaches know I’m the one for the first team,” Williams says.

As the two build their audition tapes for Head Coach Larry Fedora and the coaching staff, the pressure is mounting as the spring game draws near. But Trubisky is quick to point out that he’s not letting the intense duel get to him. He’s relying on the advice of his old high school coach.

“You can’t look at it as a competition. You just got to play your game and be yourself. That will be good enough in the end. Play like Mitch Trubisky knows how to play. Everything will work out,” Trubisky says.