More than 25 years ago, Bill Selvidge was interviewing for jobs in North Carolina, and on his last interview he toured Chapel Hill with Moses Carey — executive director of what was then called Orange Chatham Comprehensive Health Center. Carey spent four hours with his new recruit, buying him breakfast at Breadmen’s and then taking Selvidge to see a small rural community health center in Caswell County. It was the place he liked best, and the family doctor has been there ever since. It is now the Piedmont Health Prospect Hill Community Center.

Like all of Piedmont Health’s community centers, the mission of Prospect Hill is to help people who might not be able to find medical care because they live in a rural area or cannot afford regular medical care. Dr. Bill Selvidge sees anyone who comes in the door. The bulk of his practice is people he’s known for many years, and some of his patients have become friends who have sent other members of their families to see him. The family doctor calls it “a good community relationship.”

Among Dr. Selvidge’s many staff heroes at Prospect Hill was John Poteat, a van driver who picked up patients and drove them to the clinic or a local hospital. He stopped at houses and helped the littlest kids get dressed or feed them breakfast, and then piled everyone in the van and went to the next house. Often late getting people back to the clinic for their appointments, nobody minded. Poteat also took patients from Caswell County to the hospital at UNC and waited for them long after the hospital vans stopped service.

Family doctor Bill Selvidge also advises his long-time patients when it may be time for them to become participants in one of the two Piedmont Health SeniorCare PACE Centers. After taking care of them for so long, he can tell them how good it will be for their entire family. The all-day facilities in Burlington and Pittsboro have doctors and nurses on staff, along with recreational experts to help them enjoy the senior years to their fullest. Dr. Selvidge helps with the transition when the time is right.

“Reflections” is a recurring series on sponsored by Piedmont Health Services that will highlight local healthcare professionals striving with purpose and passion to keep our community happy, healthy and thriving.