Aaron Nelson, executive director of the Chamber for a Greater Chapel Hill and Carrboro, wanted to help people who could not afford, or qualify for, personal health care. He went to Piedmont Health Services CEO Brian Toomey, a renowned innovator in the community health care field, and together they created a plan where people could see a doctor for $60 per visit and buy prescribed medication for only $10.

After he and Piedmont Health CEO Brian Toomey rolled out the community health plan for individuals who could not otherwise afford personal health care, Chamber for a Greater Chapel Hill and Carrboro CEO Aaron Nelson became a hero to some people who suddenly were covered to see a doctor at Piedmont Health for $60 a visit and able buy prescribed medication for as little as $10. Nelson had some wonderful encounters with grateful local residents.

Aaron Nelson, the CEO of the Chamber for a Greater Chapel Hill and Carrboro, signed up for the health care plan that he and Piedmont Health CEO Brian Toome invented 10 years ago, and Nelson has been delighted ever since. He loves the one-stop aspect of seeing a provider at the Piedmont Health clinic and picking up prescriptions at the on-site pharmacy. He encourages anyone needing health care to contact Piedmont Health in Chapel Hill.

When the Chamber for a Greater Chapel Hill and Carrboro collaborated with Piedmont Health to create affordable health care for the singularly uninsured, a long-time resident and sole-proprietor of her own flower shop told Chamber executive director Aaron Nelson, who created the plan with Piedmont Health CEO Brian Toomey, that she believed her new-found health insurance plan was heavenly sent and said so on a television interview.

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