If you like it hot, then you’re going to just love the Triangle weather for the next seven days.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Strickler says it’s going to be steamy all week, with a very slight respite coming during the weekend into early next week.

But even then, don’t expect temperatures to dip below 90.

“Well, we’ve got forecasts of about 96, 97 in Raleigh and Chapel Hill for Wednesday and Thursday,” says Strickler. “And then for Friday, we’ve got 95, and then dropping back to about 93, 94.”

That’s quite a bit hotter than it was last year at this time, Strickler says.

“For 2013, we had 94 degrees observed on the 13th of June, and that was the hottest temperature of the entire month for Raleigh last year” says Strickler. “And otherwise, during the same period last year for the middle of June, we were in the eighties. So we’re a good 10, perhaps 15 degrees above what we experienced at this time last year.”

Strickler says the record for Tuesday was 99 degrees, and we were a little shy of that. The record for Wednesday was 98 degrees.

Back in the mid-1940s, record temperatures for this coming weekend reached up into the 100s.

If record heat is what you’re looking for, Strickler says you should keep your fingers crossed until Friday. But Strickland says he’s hoping to see another temperature record broken from back in the 1960s.

“Personally, I’m hoping for some record lows, which are in the upper 40s through around 50 for this time of years,” says Strickler, “but no hope for that.”