CHAPEL HILL – UNC says safety has always been a priority, but now it’s as easy as the touch of a button.

A new mobile phone application called Rave Guardian will offer a service called Smart911 that gives any UNC students, administrators, and faculty a direct connection with campus police whenever and wherever they need it.

The provider of the app, Rave Mobile Safety, claims itself as the most trusted software partner for campus and public safety, with a lengthy list of college and university clients nationwide.  Rave Guardian is a phone-accessed application that, when triggered, automatically sends the user’s picture, mobile number and personal information to campus police.

UNC student government has been working for months to assess the best means to improve campus safety, especially in light of the controversies surrounding sexual assault.  Student Body President Christy Lambden and other student representatives brainstormed ideas for a new safety app in May, and now Lambden says that app will be available to students in the coming fall semester.

“As a result of these meetings, I found that we currently have a mobile app which students, administrators, and faculty all support,”  Lambden says. “The university will also help students register for this app in the coming fall by automatically registering their phone numbers for the app.”

Rave Guardian works on any Smartphone from any provider in the US, and the service is free for anyone with an Onyen–the UNC system that allows students and staff to access their email and other campus processes.  Students and staff can register online and complete a profile that includes a photo of their choice and any personal or important medical information.  Lambden says he hopes to help implement the app during the school year to as many people as possible.

“During the year, I hope to support the university in a campaign to promote the use of this application, which is called Rave Guardian,” Lamden says.

If you’re a qualified UNC candidate to use the app and you’d like to register now, visit the link