Chapel Hill Police Public Information Lieutenant, Josh Mecimore, says a 911 caller reported being chased by a fox that they believed to be rabid near the Pittsboro Street and Vance Street area. The fox was seen pursuing the victim rather than fleeing, indicating that the animal was potentially unwell.

According to Lt. Mecimore, by the time officers and Animal Control had arrived, the fox was gone, and an area-wide warning was issued.

“We did a Code Red broadcast in that area, asking that folks be on the lookout for the fox, stay away from it; not approach it if they see it.” Mecimore stated. “Clearly, that’s a good idea regardless, but when you’re dealing with an animal that might not be well, it’s especially important.”

While it is still not yet confirmed if the fox is actually rabid, Lt. Mecimore encourages Chapel Hill citizens who encounter the fox to call in.

“Folks in that area need to be aware of the fact that the animal is there, and that there may be something wrong with it, and call us if they come across it.”

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any unwell or possibly dangerous wildlife in the area, please contact Chapel Hill police at 919-968-2760.