****UPDATE: Normal traffic patterns on Fordham Boulevard resumed around 4:05 p.m. on Tuesday.****

A crash involving multiple vehicles closed parts of a busy Chapel Hill road on Tuesday afternoon.

An alert from the Chapel Hill Fire Department shortly before 3 p.m. said northbound lanes of Fordham Boulevard would be closed due to the crash. The message said motorists would be directed toward South Estes Drive instead of northbound lanes of Fordham as emergency services responded to the scene.

Emergency services reopened the northbound lane of Fordham Boulevard after more than an hour of clearing debris from the collision.

The Chapel Hill Fire Department said the crash involved severe injuries with three people being transported to a hospital. Two cars and a Sanmar Trucking vehicle were involved in the crash.

A view of the crash site from the corner of South Estes Drive and Fordham Boulevard in Chapel Hill.

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