OWASA map of work after pipe break on Rogerson Drive. Photo via OWASA.

Orange Water and Sewer Authority crews are continuing work on a large repair after a wastewater overflow occurred at a pipe break on Rogerson Drive in early may.

OWASA officials said an investigation confirmed that 700 feet worth of pipe needed to be repaired under Raleigh Road. Officials initially said this would be a “significant project” because the pipe delivers roughly half of the community’s wastewater flow to the treatment plant.

A temporary bypass system was established, but OWASA officials said in an update that it was insufficient to handle high flow during some rain events. An additional full-size pipe is instead being installed at Oakwood Drive. The remaining pipe under Rogerson Drive, Highway 54 and the frontage of the East 54 shops will now have to be replaced.

OWASA held a community briefing last week. The authority is estimating repair work will continue until late July or August with final restoration coming afterwards and lasting until late Summer or early Fall.

Officials said in last week’s update that the utility invests about $20 million in capital improvement projects each year, accounting for nearly 50 percent of customer rates.