The Chapel Hill Public Library has had quite a busy summer, and the summer reading program is still ongoing with a few more events on the way later this year.

Director of the Chapel Hill Public Library, Susan Brown, joined WCHL’s Aaron Keck to give an update on how this summer’s reading program has faired thus far.

“Summer reading is going really well. Chapel Hill is a town of readers of all ages,” says Brown. “Thanks to our friends groups, we have funds for some awesome programs. Our goal this year was 20,000 hours for everybody: kids, teens, adults, and I think we’re right on the cusp of meeting that, and we really want to bust it.”

The Banned Books Week Project is also coming back to the library in the last week of September. Brown explains the details:

“We’ve started getting in some great submissions,” says Brown. “This is where we ask local artists to create a small scale work of art on paper based on a banned book or author. We had about 48 submissions last year. All of the submissions get put into an exhibit at the library, but we have a jury, including the mayor, and we choose seven in a blind jury to print as little trading cards. During that week in September, you have to come into the library every day of the week to get a full set. It’s great art.”

There is still time left to sign up for the Chapel Hill Summer Reading program, available for kids, teens, and adults. To learn more, click here.

For more information on the Banned Books Week Project, click here.