The final day applications will be taken to become a commissioner for the Town of Hillsborough is Friday, November 8.

The town’s Board of Commissioners is seeking a qualified resident to serve two remaining years left by Commissioner Jenn Weaver. Her seat is slated to become vacant on December 9 when she is expected to resign from the position and be sworn in as Hillsborough’s mayor. Weaver is running unopposed.

Applicants will be asked questions about topics their town is facing, any experiences they’ve had working in the Hillsborough community, and commitment to the position.

Mayor Tom Stevens, who announced he will not run for re-election after 14 years, spoke with WCHL’s Aaron Keck in October after the commissioners finalized the process to fill Weaver’s seat. He said the process is similar to how the board filed former commissioner Brian Lowen’s seat when he resigned in 2018.

“I think generally we want to see someone who has a commitment to Hillsborough, at least has some experience, and has a real willingness to learn about the various issues,” Stevens said. “All of us are dealing with limited amounts of information. We have to rely on a professional staff, and we also have to listen to what our constituents are saying and use our own good judgement.”

The board expects to begin interviews of qualified applicants on November 25. To apply, visit the Town of Hillsborough website.