Chapel Hillians will have a chance to provide input on a proposed joint project with the Town of Chapel Hill and UNC on Thursday.

The town will be hosting the first in a series of community meetings to discuss the proposed Municipal Services Center off of Estes Drive Extension. The site has been viewed as a possible location of a new Chapel Hill Police station, among other uses.

The meeting will take place on Thursday, November 30, at 6:30 p.m. at Phillips Middle School.

The town and UNC are pursuing an agreement to allow the development to take place on university-owned property, but not everyone in the community is in favor of the new center.

Several design issues, including storm water, site layout and connectivity have been raised by the Elkin Hills neighborhood and town staff, which will be addressed at Thursday’s meeting.

Town emails show that there have been discussions about looking for additional sites that might house the project, but UNC officials have maintained the land on Estes Drive Extension is the best university-owned location.

The town will also hold an information session about the development agreement in hopes to promote transparency and compare this development to other processes in town.