The Carrboro Board of Aldermen may be finished up with meetings for the year, but the planning for 2018 is ongoing.

Mayor Lydia Lavelle says the first meeting back will be on January 9 with a work session that will focus on the construction of the new library and several transportation issues that are now ready to move forward.

“We’re hoping to improve our transportation infrastructure a little bit when we build the building at 203 South Greensboro where the library is going to be because there’s an opportunity for some nice streetscaping between where the library will be and the backs of say, Tylers’,” said Lavelle. “It’ll be really nice to have something back there whether it’s a nicely marked road with bike lanes and side walks or whether it’s a nice pedestrian walkway on one side, there’s an opportunity there to make it more user-friendly.”

Another main transportation concern for the board is the Brewer Lane intersection.

“It’s got five, maybe six, streets coming into it right by St. Paul church and Crooks Corner and Al’s garage and Merritt Mill,” said Lavelle.

Lavelle says the town is considering options on how to improve the intersection without impacting existing businesses. One option for the town would be working on pedestrian and bicycle improvements such as a possible lighted crosswalk.

Yet another transportation concern being discussed in the next year is the intersection integration at the entrance of Rosemary Street into Carrboro by Café Carrboro.

“We want our staff to look at that and talk to us more about it, whether there’s some opportunity there to make it more friendly for bicyclists and perhaps improve the flow of traffic through there,” Lavelle said.