The Carrboro Board of Alderman rezoned property on South Merritt Mill Road to allow for the construction of an affordable housing apartment complex.

The rezoning was requested by CASA, a local non-profit organization that provides affordable housing, who applied for a conditional use rezoning and a conditional use permit (CUP).

Housing developer for CASA, Jess Brandes, gave a presentation detailing the project at the meeting.

“We’re proposing 48 units in two municipalities – 24 in Chapel Hill, 24 here in Carrboro – 66 vehicular parking spaces throughout the entire development and the 36 bike spaces,” said Brandes.

The one and two bedroom apartments will be located at 802 and 806 Merritt Mill Road on almost two acres and are in conjunction with Chapel Hill’s affordable apartment plans on an adjacent property.

Brandes said the units will be permanent affordable housing units.

“These 24 units are going to be deed-restricted to be permanently affordable for 99 years – fantastic location; it’s walk able to both municipalities. On Friday, we found out we got a perfect site score from the Housing Finance Agency, which is the first step to getting our tax credit award which is the key funding component of the project,” Brandes said.

Carrboro Mayor Lydia Lavelle said this is the biggest project Carrboro has ever done in terms of affordable housing.

Photo via Town of Carrboro