CHAPEL HILL- While dozens of students gathered Friday on campus in support of sophmore Landen Gambill, a lawyer representing her ex-boyfriend sought to refute her accusation of rape.

According to the Daily Tar Heel, attorney John Gresham said his client has suffered from Gambill’s efforts to publicize the university’s handling of sexual assaults.

The un-named man filed charges with UNC’s Honor Court last week alleging that Gambill has engaged in disruptive and intimidating behavior.

Last spring the Honor Court reviewed Gambill’s allegation that she was assaulted by Gresham’s client. The court found him not guilty of sexual harassment, but did find him guilty of verbal harassment.

But Gresham says Gambill’s campaign to draw attention to the university’s handling of such cases is rehashing a matter that has been settled, and in doing so, tarnishes his client’s reputation.

If the Honor Court finds Gambill guilty, she could face a range of penalties, including expulsion.