CHAPEL HILL– The Tar Heels are starting fresh with another game week upon them. This time, it will be the Boston College Eagles lining up across the field from Carolina on Saturday in Kenan Stadium.

But looking back, Head Coach Larry Fedora says a few of the plays from the Miami game last week will continue to haunt him.

“There are a lot of things that haunt me from that game. I can pick out five or six plays that if you take them the other way, we’re on the other side of the win column. So, it will definitely haunt me,” Coach Fedora says.

Somehow, Coach Fedora says he believes his team has moved on from the bitter defeat. He says the Tar Heels have proven they can play with anyone in the country, but they have to continue to work hard and find a way to salvage victories in the second half of the season.

“We’re at a tough spot right now in our season with where we are. It’s just us, that’s it. It’s circle the wagons, it’s play hard, it’s practice hard, and it’s prepare hard. And it’s find a way to get a win,” Coach Fedora says.

With the lights now turned out on Zero Dark Thursday, Coach Fedora says the Tar Heels won’t have the eye of the national public to get fired up for the rest of the way out. Now comes the true test, and Coach Fedora asks one simple gut-checking question of his players.

“That’s what makes it fun – the atmosphere and the hype around it all. We won’t have that now. Now, it boils down to how bad you want to win. How bad do you want it? We’re going to find out,” Coach Fedora says.

One of the glaring differences between the Miami game and the rest of the season was the ratcheted up energy level and passion displayed by the players. And Coach Fedora says when you play this way; good things are bound to happen.

“We’re getting better. When you play with a lot of energy, usually you’re going to make some things happen. You really are. If you miss a tackle, somebody else is going to be there to make that tackle,” Coach Fedora says.

Red zone scoring offense has been a concern for Carolina. Coach Fedora says the Tar Heels must convert on those touchdown opportunities in order to realize their potential.

“We don’t have that where everybody is clicking on the same page yet. We still don’t. And that’s unfortunate, because you got some opportunities to put the ball in the end zone there, and we didn’t get it done,” Coach Fedora says.