Sumptuous gourmet hamburgers and select craft beers are coming to Franklin Street in January with the arrival of Hops Burger Bar in Chapel Hill.

The restaurant has roots in Greensboro, North Carolina, where two of the acclaimed eateries currently serve certified Angus beef alongside crisp ales.

Co-owners Chris Martin, Dave Essa and Jason Paul will set up shop at 140 West Franklin Plaza, which is across the street from the new Target store.

TripAdvisor, Inc ranked the outlet as the top hamburger restaurant in the country due to its impressive following and convention-defying menu options.

A different hamburger is featured at the restaurant every week, with the current signature selection incorporating fried calamari and sweet chili sauce.

According to Martin, this savory treat and other stellar sandwiches will be served to Tar Heels when the new location opens for business next year.

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