A new discount store in downtown Chapel Hill is hitting the mark with its amenities and location.

Target Corp. opened its latest outlet yesterday below Carolina Square on Franklin Street.

Store Manager Ryan Kelley explained that the store is intended to corner a different market.

A customer peruses chilled groceries at Target in Chapel Hill. Photo by Bruce Rosenbloom/WCHL.

“What Target’s been doing the last few years is, we’re really trying to get a footprint and just different demographics that we’ve never exposed before, so you’re going to see, in the next two years, Target’s going to open up almost 100 of our small-format stores all throughout campuses throughout the nation,” he stated.

The store is stocked with food, alcoholic beverages, clothing and even home décor items.

Kelley noted that the selection of goods available at his location is impressive, albeit truncated.

“We carry, more or less, everything you’ll find in a bigger store, just not as much of an assortment, so instead of having 10 to 20 options, we’ll have two or three, but we’ll have the essentials — the ones that you need every day — at an everyday low price,” he claimed.

Starbucks Corp. and CVS Health Corp. have a presence within the retail establishment as well.

According to Kelley, having both a pharmacy and a coffee shop in such a small Target is atypical.

“We are super excited to have a Starbucks and a pharmacy,” he exclaimed.

A coffee transaction takes place at Target in Chapel Hill. Photo by Bruce Rosenbloom/WCHL.

“Typically, these small formats do not have either of those, so we’re one of the few that do have a Starbucks and do have a CVS Pharmacy; Target’s had a long-standing partnership with both and we’re real excited to provide that to our guests as well.”

The location is already proving to be popular among job seekers in Chapel Hill and Carrboro.

Kelley relayed that employment offers are still being made to college students and local residents.

“We are still continually hiring; we’ve hired about 70 part-time positions for various roles and we’re really excited to provide jobs in the community,” he reported.

A ribbon cutting is scheduled to take place this Sunday, but the store is open for business now.

Kelley also revealed that a homecoming event for Tar Heels will be held at the store in August.

Photos by Bruce Rosenbloom/WCHL.