An “unusually strong post-debate bump” is leading to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton holding a nearly six-point lead over Republican Donald Trump in the race for the White House, according to a new survey from Elon University.

The new poll shows a big jump for Clinton from the last Elon survey released in late September that showed Trump with a one-point lead. The most impactful event on those numbers seem to be the first presidential debate.

“We are seeing an unusually strong post-debate bump for Clinton in North Carolina,” said Jason Husser, assistant professor of political science and the director of the Elon University Poll. “A majority of N.C. voters thought Clinton won’t [sic] the debate, but future campaign events will determine if this bump is only temporary or more lasting.”

Overall, the poll showed that 64 percent of respondents felt Clinton won the debate.

Meanwhile, in the race for governor, Democratic Attorney General Roy Cooper is leading his Republican counterpart incumbent Governor Pat McCrory by four points. That is a major flip from the late September survey from Elon that found McCrory with a three-point lead.

North Carolina’s controversial House Bill 2, which advocates maintain is the worst piece of anti-LGBT legislation in the nation, seems to be the biggest drag on McCrory’s poll numbers.

“Backlash over HB2 seems to have harmed Pat McCrory’s poll numbers,” Husser said. “McCrory continues to struggle with women and with African-Americans.”

Elon’s survey found that more than 55 percent of respondents feel that HB2 should be repealed.

In the race for North Carolina’s Senate seat, Republican incumbent Richard Burr and Democratic challenger Deborah Ross are “essentially” tied, according to the Elon survey.

The results show Ross with a percentage-point lead over Burr.

Husser said Burr should take that as a good sign as other Republicans in the state seem to be losing ground.

“That Richard Burr has not fallen in poll numbers like fellow Republicans McCrory and Trump is a positive sign for the Burr campaign’s prospects as a whole,” Husser said.

Survey results released on Monday showed Clinton, Cooper and Ross with leads.

You can see the full Elon results here.