Early voting starts Thursday February 13 and Orange County residents are gearing up to cast their ballots in local, state and national elections.

This year, instead of holding its primary election in May, Orange County will hold elections on what is known as ‘super Tuesday.’ Otherwise known as the day where the greatest number of U.S. states hold primary elections and caucuses.

Orange County Elections Director Rachel Raper said she thinks Orange County will have a higher voter turnout due to the national attention surrounding super Tuesday.

With that estimation in mind, and knowing many residents tends to vote early, Raper said another voting site has been added in Orange County to help accommodate more people.

“So we felt like we would see a higher voter turnout so we wanted to put a voting location – or early voting location – where there was high density and also where we can find parking,” Raper said.

That new location was designated to University Place Mall, located in the back where Southern Season used to be. Orange County will still have its usual five early voting sites located around Board of Elections, Carrboro Town Hall, Chapel of the Cross, Seymour Senior Center and Efland Ruritan Club.

If you didn’t have a chance to register before the deadline, Raper says there is still a way for you to vote in the primary.

“If you’re not registered to vote and you want to vote in this primary, you will have to register to vote and vote during the early voting period at an early voting site,” Raper said. “You will have to bring proof of your Orange County residency like a power bill or a bank statement or any government document – it doesn’t have to be a photo ID.”

In addition to early voting, voters will not need to bring a photo ID for election day on March 3.

If you’re unsure how you registered to vote, Raper says you can go online to Orange County’s voter lookup tool to see what your options are.

“Again, you can go to our website and look yourself up and view your sample ballot just so you know what you’re going to vote for,” Raper said. “You have the opportunity to research your candidates. We always encourage people to do that.”

Early voting extends through February 29.

For more information on early voting sites, visit the county website.