The Music in My Head: 1/22/18 – 1/26/18

1/22/18: Kenny Rogers “The Gambler” It’s a little surprising to have this song in my head this morning, but I’m never entirely shocked when it comes to the things that pop into my head. I think there might be a reason I’m hearing “The Gambler,” though. Read more     1/23/18: Neil Diamond “Sweet Caroline” Late in the day yesterday, Neil Diamond came to mind. My immediate thought was “I haven’t put a song by Neil Diamond on Facebook in a long, long time.” I can’t believe I don’t think of Neil more often, because that guy has put out so...

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This is Tourism: Artist Linda & Manager Natalie

“I started painting. I never painted before but how can you not want to paint when you’re around all these amazing artists who work in oil and acrylics and mixed media.” – Linda Prager, FRANK Gallery

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