mike krzyzewski- Coach K

Mike Krzyzewski. (Photo by Todd Melet)

Coach K needs to quit giving pep talks to other teams.

Why did Mike Krzyzewski cut a promotional spot before the Carolina Hurricanes played the Bruins in game two of their Eastern Conference finals? What does college basketball have to do with professional hockey? Unless, of course, the rumors are true that Duke basketball isn’t actually played by all amateurs these days.

The Hall of Fame coach and winner of five national championships needs to stick to his own sport. The last time he gave such a public pep talk to another team was before Duke played Florida State for the ACC football championship. Admitting Duke was a heavy underdog, Coach K said miracles can happen.

The Blue Devils lost that game to the Seminoles by, like, ten touchdowns.

You have to give the Duke PR machine credit. They think up these ways of getting Krzyzewski in front of the national media, like telling ESPN he is willing to do an insider series, the most recent one called Earn Everything. So this Canes promo came of course with shots of Krzyzewskiville, NCAA championship rings and banners and Coach K’s mug bigger than life on the screen.

Like with the Duke football team, he said the game to follow would be tough for the Canes, especially against “those guys” – referring to the big, bad Bruins. But with his voice over a shot of storm clouds moving across the Boston skyline he warned, “A Hurricane is coming.” K needs to stick to pep-talking his own team.

After two periods, the Canes were down 4-0. And they relinquished two more goals, 10 unanswered over two games, before Carolina scored twice in mop-up time. Now the Hurricanes get a chance to even the series at PNC Arena Tuesday and Thursday nights. They also have a chance to get swept or lose one in Raleigh and then go back to Boston for Game 5 down 3-1.

The local media talked about questionable calls that led to the Canes losing a late lead and Game 1. This time, the Bruins scored on two more power plays to take a commanding lead. Despite being thoroughly outplayed in the last four periods, maybe another comeback like against the Washington Caps is coming.

If so, don’t let Coach K anywhere near the promo camera.