The last minute of UNC’s 97-69 win over UNC-Wilmington saw the Tar Heels shoot a flurry of three-pointers as the clock expired.

But why? The Tar Heels already had a comfortable lead and could have held onto the ball as the clock drained.

The answer, as always, is free food.

When Carolina scores 100 points in a basketball game, fans get two biscuits for a dollar from Bojangles the next day. 100-point victories are remembered in UNC legacy. In 2007, little-known senior Dewey Burke hit two three-pointers in a 102-64 win against Pennsylvania to earn fans free biscuits. Doing so earned Burke the nickname “Biscuits.”

Head coach Roy Williams addressed the media about this following the game.

“I’m going to see if they make a freaking deal if you hold the other team under 38 percent shooting, you make damn biscuits.”

North Carolina held UNCW to just 35.5 percent shooting on the night, which is well under the Seahawks season average of 46.2 percent.