Thursday. It’s the day before Friday, the day your weekend starts. Some call Thursday “little Friday.” You can call it whatever you want, but one thing for sure: you’ll be thirsty.

So what are you going to drink?

How about a Picklemania Dill Gose from Steel String Brewery? Steel String, founded in 2011, is located in the heart of Carrboro — in that iconic corner of Main St. and S. Greensboro that houses Cliff’s Meat Market, Neal’s Deli, The Speakeasy at Tyler’s, and Wendy’s.

From the quirky Charles Sheppa label art and hosting the popular Cardinal Directions beer festival to providing a community hub for art shows, live music and trivia, Steel String Brewery has become an  essential part of Orange County.

Oh, and they make great beer.

Steel String’s saisons (Little Sadie, Rollie Pollie) are popular. It’s not surprising that yeasty, funky farmhouse ales would be embraced by the localvores of our town. The omnipresent IPA (Big Mon, Lil Mon) — a staple style of the craft beer scene — continues to satiate thirsty locals. But what tickles my fancy is their Picklemania Dill Gose. The gose style is essentially a wheat beer that possesses a tarty tang. Picklemania is a  salty and sour summer sipper with a hazy, golden straw color and an ABV under 4 percent. It’s craft beer’s answer to the pickleback. It’s light, refreshing and perfect for a 90-degree summer day in the Carolinas. It’s also a limited seasonal, so pick it up while you can!

It’s #thirstythursday! What are you drinking?