Mystery Brewing provides a seasonal and constantly rotating selection of delicious and full-bodied brews. Mystery Brewing doesn’t add preservatives to their beer, it also doesn’t add artificial chemicals. What Mystery Brewing does, however, is offer a fresh product that will tantalize the taste buds and leave your gullet longing for more.

“It feels like we just started this thing yesterday,” said Erik Myers, the CEO, founder, and head brewer at Mystery Brewing. “At the same time, it’s also really easy to look back and see the immense changes we have made in the past five years.”

In 2012, Mystery Brewing became the first brewhouse in the United States to get successfully funded on Kickstarter, the largest global crowdfunding platform in the world. Through Kickstarter, Erik raised $44,000 in funding for his new brewery business – located at 437 Dimmocks Mill Rd. Suite 41, in Hillsborough.

“At the time, it felt really great to get funding, but then it started to feel really terrifying,” said Erik. “I tell people this all the time: If you’re not terrified in business, then you’re doing something wrong.”

If Erik was feeling terrified, he didn’t noticeably show it. Instead, the brewer looked composed and confident as he glided through groups of excited patrons and assisted his hardworking staff throughout the evening.

“Having Erik here to do what he does…the hours he works…and the sheer amount of effort he puts into everything…is all kinds of ridiculous and inspiring,” said Andrew Turner, co-owner of Mystery Brewing. “But it’s when you truly love your job that it doesn’t become a job anymore, and Erik really loves doing his.”

Crowd forms in anticipation of delicious beer.

The skilled staff under Erik’s employ are also passionate about the various brews they pour and are more than willing to help guide customers through their drinking decisions. One of the pubs experienced bartenders, recommended a delectable butter oatmeal stout characterized by a smooth, sweet chocolate texture accented with aged cocoa nibs from Videri Chocolate Factory and a special blend of whole bean coffee from Joe Van Gogh. The stout touts a total ABV of 6.5 percent and is only available from December to March.

“We struggle to keep up with the production of Six Impossible Things,” said Lindsey Sabastian, Mystery Brewery’s marketing director. “We actually release our winter beers a month earlier than our typical schedule, specifically because we want our customers to be able to drink Six Impossible Things until the end of March.”

Mystery Brewing changes its menu with the seasons in order to create a dynamic drinking experience. Depending on the time of year, there will be a bevy of different brews to try.

“We change what we eat in the seasons. We change what clothing we wear. Why would we not apply that to what we drink?” said Lindsay. “Why would we want to drink the same thing all year round? It makes sense to sort of marry that concept with your food. If you’re eating something light and fresh in the summer, then let’s also drink something light and fresh in the summer. If you’re eating something hearty and filling in winter, then let’s drink something hearty and filling in winter.”

Mystery Brewery doesn’t just change up their flavor palette to keep things interesting for customers, they also host an array of activities to get the community more involved.

“We try to do something different at the pub almost every day,” said Lindsay. “We’ll organize charity of the month nights, where 10 percent of all sales goes to a special charity. We’ll do trivia on Wednesdays, we’ll do new cask experimentation beers on Thursday’s. We also have live music every Friday and Saturday. We just want to be the place where there’s something for everyone.”

“It feels wonderful to be here now,” added Erik.