Photo via Brewery Bhavana

Best brewery ever, this week, as of right now. What is it, you ask? What’s tingling my taste buds as of late?

Well, taste is subjective, and transitory. What I’m stoked about right now my be totally different from what tickles my knickers next week. So don’t @ me about my opinion when I tell you that the best brewery ever this week as of right now is… Brewery Bhavana!

I’ll be the first to say that I’m a firm believer in being good at what you do, not trying to be good at everything. Often times brew pubs that try to make good food and good beer end up doing both poorly. But the ninja wizards at Brewery Bhavana appear to be killing it on both ends.

I am not a food writer, and am only barely a beer writer, so let’s stay in my lane and talk about the beer.

Plow – A Pale Ale weighing in at 5.5% ABV is a great starter. Hazy, like all the cool kids are doing these days, and citrusy, it’s a great modern IPA and perfect for starting your session with.

Pithy – This is Plow’s big brother. At 7.4% it’s a bit heftier than its sibling, but has similar characteristics. It’s just more. More hazy, more bodified, more citrusy. This one was my favorite of all.

Grove – If Pithy was Plow’s big brother, Grove is the daddy. An 8% double IPA, you get all of the above, but at its desirable maximum. If you’re down for 1 beer today, get this one. But just one.

OK, OK, so I only tasted their pales/IPAs. When you get your own column, you can drink what you like and write about it. OK?

Photo via Brewery Bhavana

But this brings up an interesting point: Are they a one trick pony, or can they mix it up? I think they can mix it up… I barely scratched the surface of this list!

Look at all of that stuff! A cardomom tripel! I gotta try it. I have the Sprout still at home, which is a Fig Dubbel, and I can’t wait to try it, but frankly couldn’t handle anymore beer right now. Something to write about later?

Anyway, right now, for my money, Brewery Bhavana is the best thing going in the Triangle. And they’re canning! So be on the lookout for their stuff and let me know what you think. Go getchoo some!