Jeffrey Howard

Now Beer This: New England IPAs and Friendship

What do I do if someone offers me a New England IPA? Can we still be friends? I’m not so sure, but I’m willing to be convinced. New England IPAs are the skinny jeans riding on a unicycle of craft beer.  All the cool kids are into them, but none of us — not even the cool kids — can really say why. They’re uncomfortable sometimes, and not always practical. There are several things that irk some folks about this alleged style.  We aren’t really sure it is a style. Is it? A sub-style maybe? And it steers so...

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Now Beer This: Why Won’t People Shut Up About Belgian Beers?

You’re sitting at the bar, enjoying your local IPA, and some lonely rando, desperate to belch his beer knowledge on anyone with ears (I would never…), interrupts your reverie: “That’s great, but have you tried [insert Belgian beer here]? Belgian beer is where it’s at.” To beer geeks, Belgium is our Mecca. But why? What makes the product of the divorce of France and the Netherlands so important to beer culture?  Why, for the love of all things holy, won’t people shut up about Belgian beer? Let me explain. No, let me sum up: What makes Belgian beer so alluring,...

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Now Beer This: Beers By The Pool

You might love the pool, like the pool or merely tolerate the pool for your kids’ sake. Either way, we can probably agree on one thing: beer by the pool only makes the experience better. The right pool beer can be a rousing brew that takes a summer party from a 9 to a 10, or a restorative draught that gives you that extra patience you need not to break junior’s super-soaker over your knee. In my mind, pool beer is mandatory for pool enjoyment. Of course, it has to come in a can, so you’d think that might...

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