Chartered in 1956, the Orange County Historical Museum stands as a collection of domestic goods, family heirlooms, and historically significant artifacts from the Orange County area. Run by the Historical Foundation of Hillsborough and Orange County, the purpose of the society and the museum was described in a letter from Mrs. Marion B. Roberts, Secretary of the Hillsborough Historical Society to Mr. G.A. Brown, Principal, Hillsborough High School in 1962:

“This society’s announced intention is to collect and preserve accurate information, to encourage the preservation of historic sites and buildings, and to encourage the restoration of colonial atmosphere in Hillsborough insofar as it is reasonable and compatible with the times.”


Preserve they have, as the Orange County Historical Museum is a non-profit organization that is home to hundreds of historically significant items, from weaponry used in the Civil War all the way to an in-depth exhibit concerning life in the mill towns that once dominated the economic landscape of the Carrboro, Hillsborough and Efland areas. But, all of this information and upkeep for exhibits doesn’t come cheaply. The museum is non-profit, and admission is free (while donations are greatly appreciated). So, who finds ways to manage money and keep the lights on? Richard Tackaberry.

Tackaberry works as the treasurer for the Orange County Historical Museum, a position he has occupied for some time. He is a volunteer, giving hours of his life outside his profession of payroll administrator, that takes care of financial concerns from the routine to the slightly thorny. The position is a demanding one, especially since a large portion of the museum has been closed since July 8th for repairs and construction. While the museum will be opening back up fully by mid-November, there has been a decrease in the amount of incoming funds that are readily available from patron donations.

The professional experience and smart money management of Tackaberry had helped to keep bills paid and off-site programs running on schedule. Richard Tackaberry has been instrumental in keeping the Orange County Historical Museum on its feet, in both fair weather and more difficult times. His job requires expertise and training, both of which Tackaberry provides for free and in ample measure as a volunteer. Thank you, Richard Tackaberry, for your contributions in keeping our history alive and for being this week’s Hometown Hero.