With March Madness officially upon us, everyone is filling out a tournament bracket. That includes former President Barack Obama, who made it a tradition to fill out both a men’s and women’s bracket while in the Oval Office.

His bracket for the men’s tournament this year consists of a Final Four of North Carolina, Virginia, Villanova and Michigan State. He then picks a championship match of Virginia and Michigan State, with the Spartans claiming the title.

Of course, Obama is not shy in his love for the Tar Heels. In his eight years in office, the former President picked UNC to win the title three times in 2017, 2012 and 2009. The Tar Heels would go on to win the championship in ’17 and ’09.

This comes on the heels of United States Senator Ted Cruz picking Duke to win the title this year in his March Madness bracket. The Senator from Texas has UNC losing in the second round to Texas A&M.