This week and next we’ll hear from Sharon Hirsch, President and CEO (Chief Executive Optimist) of Prevent Child Abuse NC (PCANC). Sharon has been an advocate for kids for a very long time and now has taken her soft-spoken leadership skills to this North Carolina chapter of the national Prevent Child Abuse organization.

Sharon Hirsch

Sharon Hirsch, President & CEO of Prevent Child Abuse NC

Sharon says there is a building body of evidence that says child abuse is not only damaging and traumatic in the immediate situation, but also has long range ill effects. Persistent child abuse can actually be directly connected with the development of heart disease, diabetes and chronic illnesses that reduce life expectancy.

The good news is there is a LOT we can do, from little things to great big ones, to prevent child abuse. From individuals to nonprofits – churches – employers – schools – government. These aren’t experiments — these are things we know will work to give kids safe and strong childhoods that deliver them into secure, well-balanced, happy adulthood.

The most important thing to do is help families. When you support a family (we’ll talk about many ways to do this) you help kids stay healthy and safe.

You can follow Sharon on Twitter @PCANC_CEO. Visit the organization’s website at