Commentary by Sharon Hill.

I have almost made myself sick with my feelings of political dread. Because of media pundits screaming gloom and doom for America because of the outcome of the Presidential election and because I have listened and absorbed all the vitriol that has matched my thinking, well… I got tired.

Therefore, for all who share my exasperation, I say “let’s move on.”

Has anyone noticed holiday lights are sparkling in our neighborhoods? Are you hearing the Christmas carols? Is your calendar full for holiday gatherings from now through New Year’s Eve? However you celebrate the holiday season, focus on what you are grateful for. Even if it’s the small things, says psychotherapist Fran Sherman. It can be your being thankful for a sunny day, or grateful to have good friends. Sherman says that when you feed your brain that positive information, you feel better.

So, I am moving on and will focus on enjoying this holiday season. I hope you will, too.