Commentary by Jim Warren

Duke University can help slow the climate crisis – or make it worse at a critical time.

The University is considering a plan by Duke Energy to build a power plant on campus that burns fracked gas. NC WARN’s technical review led to these findings:

  • The power plant would increase campus greenhouse emissions by 61 percent – not reduce them, as Duke Energy claims.
  • The Duke Energy plant would perpetuate the fracking boom, which is now the key driver of the accelerating climate crisis. That’s because super-potent methane is leaking along the entire natural gas supply chain.
  • Because Duke Energy plans to sidestep state-of-the-art pollution controls, a key respiratory pollutant would be emitted at a rate ten times higher than at most facilities.
  • The campus power plant would boost rates for all Duke Energy customers even as nearby power plants sit idle for much of the year.
  • Finally, the University has enormous solar power potential at prices lower than it’s now paying for electricity.

Please urge Duke University President Richard Brodhead to reject Duke Energy’s massive expansion of fracked gas – and join the many campuses that are ramping up clean energy solutions.