Commentary by Sharon Hill

When it comes to North Carolina politics, let’s continue to consider our glass as half-full rather than half-empty. What’s needed now is to pray for our new Governor, Roy Cooper.

What a thrill when he won the gubernatorial election. What a relief when his opponent finally decided to concede. Sure, there have been some scary actions since – then and probably more to come – but if we continue to focus on the positives, we will prevail.

Pray for Roy Cooper. He needs to know that we have his back.

Pray for Roy Cooper. Through him, North Carolina can have its dignity restored.

Pray for Roy Cooper. As you have probably seen on a very popular bumper sticker “y’all means everyone,” and we can hope that our mid-term election can cause some laws to be turned around.

The holidays are over. I choose to stay positive.

Pray for Roy Cooper.  Again, with our support, he will prevail.