The 2014 Healthiest You Challenge has been a very positive experience for me. I have learned that exercise, although tough at times, can be fun and very rewarding. I look forward to the trips to the Wellness Center, especially Tuesday when my group meets and we all weigh in and get our challenge for the week. I feel great, have more energy and find myself being a lot more physical than I have been in a very long time. To date I have lost 7 pounds, but know my clothes fit a bit looser, so I have probably lost inches as well. I have an exercise partner from my group, and we try to go to the center at least 3 times a week. We have been a wonderful encouragement to each other. Lindsey and Daniel are great with the workouts and helpful hints they provide. I feel very fortunate that I was able to be part of this program. I feel that my outlook on exercise has changed completely, and I will be healthier going forward.

I found that I really enjoy making the largest salad I can possibly fit onto a plate. I include every type of pepper, cucumbers, celery, carrots, etc. with any little protein on top that I can muster up. I find that this keeps me satisfied until I have a piece of fruit in the afternoon. It has been a long time since I actually looked forward to getting on a scale. I hope to keep this new lifestyle up even after this Challenge is over. I am determined to reach my total fitness goal!

Here’s to a Healthier Me!

Robin Maher, Team Grey/Chimney’s Plus Gutter Solutions