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This week on Chatham County Roundup, join Aaron Keck for a conversation with county commissioner Karen Howard on the continuing effects of COVID-19, and how Chatham County is adapting in the face of pandemic-driven change.

“We’re still seeing numbers go up, which is a concern across the board, across the region,” said Howard. “… Our health board met and passed on a resolution to our board requiring that people wear masks at government spaces and urging that people wear them in public — which I think those, you know, go some way.”

As discussions continue on measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, practices and procedures with public interest in mind, parallel conversations on how exactly to implement these strategies is also taking place.

“Of course, our board will have to have a conversation, hopefully not waiting until our next board meeting, which isn’t until mid-July,” said Howard. “But I think, given the kinds of numbers we’re seeing, the spread in the community and the spread in the region, we really should be looking at a mandatory mask-wearing. … We know that the places that have had the most success and in flattening the curve, but also reducing the number of infections, have gone a little farther than we are right now. So I’m very hopeful. I think the general consensus on our board is that we need to do something more to protect the public.”

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