Boy, these summertime basketball bloggers are bad at math.

It must be a long summer for these bloggers, mostly Kool-Aid drinking Dukies. I’ve been on them before, and even I thought enough was enough. Until I saw the post on Fansided a couple of days ago that rated the best college basketball coaches in the country over the last 20 years. Surely, I had to click on that one.

And, of course, Coach K was No. 1 according to the cockamamie points scale this guy used for the last 21 years, not the last 20. It’s logical to start with the 2000 season and the new century. But he started with 1998-99, which through 2019 is 21 years. Duh!

That makes a difference, and I’ll get to that in a minute. First, I wanted to see where he rated Roy Williams. He had Ol’ Roy at No. 5 – behind Bill Self, Tom Izzo and John Calipari, all of whom own one national championship compared to three each for Krzyzewski and Williams since 2000. I know at least one UNC fan in Denver who threw his phone off some mountain top. So I had to investigate.

The blogger’s rating system had NCAA titles worth 25 points each, Final Fours 15 points, conference regular season titles 10 points and tournament titles 7 points. Then seasons with 20 wins or more worth 5 points. Nothing for 30-win seasons, which is a huge difference-maker among Power 5 coaches these days. And nothing for NCAA tournament wins. Zero, zippo, nada.

So I started analyzing Coach K’s winning total of 456 points compared to Williams’ of 367. Impossible, I thought, since you can split hairs between the Duke program and Roy’s record over the last 20 years. Sure, Krzyzewski has more ACC tournament titles, 12, compared to Roy’s 4 at Kansas and Carolina. But Williams has 11 regular season championships to K’s 6. What was going on here?

After doing the math three times, I went back and did the blogger’s math. And I wondered what this dude made on his SAT. Using his own system that he laid out at the top of the blog post, I had Williams not with 367 points, but only six behind Coach K.

Wait a minute, this just in. He went back in late last night and corrected it and, officially, Ol’ Roy is the winner, 458-456.  By the way, NCAA tourney records over the last 21 years read Williams 57-17 and Coach K 54-18. But who’s counting? Certainly not this guy.