The Marine thought to be a fake after receiving a seat upgrade from Carolina Panther’s running back, DeAngelo Williams, is real.

WCHL shared the report two weeks ago with news of swirling conversations that the Marine was a fake. But, in fact, James Wesley Bolden served 25 years of active duty in the Marines, according to his family, and they say they’re very upset with the allegations.

After Williams shared the image and the news of the seat change through Facebook, people noticed something didn’t look quite right. WMC-TV in Memphis reports that a man approached Bolden and asked him if he was truly a Marine. When he didn’t get the answer he wanted, he yelled at him for disrespecting true patriots.

Bolden is 77 years old. His cousin, James H. Bolden—a police director in Memphis—says he suffers from dementia. He says that could be the reason for the medals being worn out of place.

Bolden’s cousin says the Marine enlisted when he was 17.

Williams tweeted WMC-TV’s news article Tuesday morning saying, “He’s a true marine!” When the reports first came out questioning the Marine’s legitimacy, Williams said, if he was a fake, it wasn’t going to stop him from providing the same upgrade to any member of the military in the future.