UNC basketball will feature many new players this season, but the numbers will remain the same.

This is Dakota with Friday’s sports notebook.

UNC has announced the jersey numbers for the incoming recruiting class and if it looks like they’re staying the same from last year… Well that’s because they are.

Five-star Cole Anthony is following in Coby White’s footsteps and wearing No. 2 for the Tar Heels next season.

Similarly, fellow five-star Armando Bacot take No. 5, formerly worn by Nassir Little.

William & Mary grad transfer Justin Pierce will take No. 32, vacated by Luke Maye. Freshman Anthony Harris will wear No. 0, formerly worn by Seventh Woods. Finally, Jeremiah Francis will take the No. 13 jersey formerly worn by Cam Johnson.

The only incoming player not to wear a repeat number from last season is Charleston Southern grad transfer Christian Keeling, who will wear No. 55.

So why all the repeat numbers?

Well for one, UNC has seven retired jersey numbers. Numbers 10, 12, 20, 23, 33, 50 and 52 have been retired by the Tar Heels.

The NCAA also has many rules restricting the numbers that college basketball players can wear.

In fact, the only legal numbers players can wear are: 00, 0-5, 10-15, 20-25, 30-35, 40-45, and 50-55.

That’s right. No numbers like 7, 16, 38 or numbers greater than 55.

Don’t believe me. Go look at any NCAA basketball roster and see if you can spot a number that doesn’t abide by those rules.

When you factor in returning jersey numbers, retired jersey numbers, and NCAA rules, there really aren’t a lot of numbers for Tar Heels players to choose from.

So when you see a point guard wearing No. 2 and a forward wearing No. 32, just know that you aren’t going crazy.