Welcome to “Making a Splash” with Goldfish Swim School of Chapel Hill!

Every month on 97.9 The Hill, Brighton McConnell will be joined by a member of the Goldfish team for a conversation about building confidence in kids, in and out of the pool. For the second edition of “Making a Splash” Brighton was joined by Megan Sweeten, general manager of Goldish Swim School.

“So we’re just basically a giant tropical escape, during the winter especially,” said Sweeten. “We teach kids, from four months to 12 years old, how to swim in this really bright tropical environment. It’s a place that’s built just for them. We have huge goals this year with everything going on. We just want to continue to provide a place that’s safe for kids to learn a life-saving skill.”

With water at a warm 90 degrees and ambient air at a cozy 92 degrees, Goldfish Swim School is a “no shiver zone,” according to Sweeten.

“We want to really focus on that comfort first. So we teach using the science of swim play, where we’ve learned that kids learn best through guided play and repetition and a really fun and safe environment,” said Sweeten. “… The kids they’re not focused on being cold, they’re focused on learning and having fun in the water.”

To learn more about Goldfish Swim School, visit their website and follow along on their Instagram page. Tune in to “Making a Splash” on the first Friday afternoon of each month with Brighton McConnell and a member of the Goldfish team!

Listen to Brighton and Megan’s full conversation below, as they talk about everything from the tropical interior of Goldfish Swim School and the value of learning a life-saving skill to the fun that can be found in unexpected places!

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