Last week’s tornado in Orange County touched down west of Carrboro near White Cross and made its way north close to Hillsborough, damaging many structures including several at Maple View Farm.

The popular ice cream and dairy treats store was not damaged, but down the road the Maple View farm itself and its agricultural center were in the tornado’s path. Fortunately, no animals or humans were seriously harmed at Maple View during the storm.

Allison Nichols is director of the non-profit arm of Maple View. She was on the scene shortly after the storm Friday evening and recalled being initially overwhelmed by what she saw.

“It’s pretty heart-breaking to see things one minute, everything is nice and great, and the next you’re left with this. Especially with something…that means so much to people in the community”

Maple View’s education center hosts field trips and other groups interested in learning about the agriculture behind the ice cream. Visitors to the center’s hands-on laboratory learn more about food systems and how their meals end up on their plate.

Nichols said that while they have cleaning up to do, their agricultural center plans on being open all this week.

“We have a great community,” she told reporters, “not just here in Orange County but around us, and we are very fortunate for the customers and the community.”