The Stickwork sculpture that has called Hillsborough’s Riverwalk home since late 2015 was damaged in the snow from Winter Storm Diego.

Hillsborough stickwork sculpture. Photo via Town of Hillsborough.

The sculpture was set to be removed in mid-January. But the dome of the sculpture collapsed under the weight of snow on Monday, according to the town.

The sculpture from Patrick Dougherty was initially expected to remain in place for two years after it was dedicated in November 2015, but the structure has lasted another year. Public Works crews were going to remove the debris from the collapsed dome as the weather cleared enough for workers to access the site safely.

The Hillsborough Arts Council had planned to remove the sculpture in early 2019 after a ceremonial sendoff during the annual Solstice Lantern Walk on December 21.

The Arts Council has been in talks with the town and the Orange County Arts Commission for a replacement of the Stickwork project working on a piece from a tree estimated to be over 200 years old that fell across Calvin Street in Hillsborough during Hurricane Florence. Additional information on what that project will be is expected in 2019.