UNC is receiving backlash from students and community members after a video surfaced late last week showing student protestors confronting a uniformed police officer that was previously seen dressed in plain clothes taking part in the Silent Sam protests.

UNC students claimed to have seen and spoken to officer Hector Borges at Silent Sam protests dating back to August when a large rally was held to coincide with the first day of the fall semester protesting the Confederate soldier monument. Protesters allege that at the time he introduced himself as Victor, an auto mechanic from Durham who was sympathetic to their cause.

The students were surprised to see him dressed in uniform, asked him why he lied to them about his identity and recorded the conversation.

“No, I’m in uniform so we’re not going to record, okay? Because, I’m going to tell you how I felt about the whole thing,” said Borges. The protester then puts the phone down but does not stop the recording.

Borges went on to say that the students “came over and blasted him”.

When asked why he lied about his identity, Borges responded with “why, because I’m in uniform that’s why. I’m representing the university right now.”

UNC Department of Public Safety spokesperson Randy Young responded to a request for comment from WCHL by saying, “While we don’t discuss specific details of operation, UNC Police has assigned officers to the area around Silent Sam, both in uniform and in plain clothes.”

Young also said that UNC is “aware of the recorded conversation.”


See the full video below.