North Carolina has seen widespread support for the progress of the LGBTQ community.

A poll from Public Policy Polling conducted in June, which was declared Pride Month by Governor Roy Cooper, shows that 67 percent of voters in North Carolina support legislation that protect the rights of LGBTQ people.

Director of Public Policy Polling Tom Jensen says it is one of the few issues that voters across the aisle tend to agree upon.

“We talk so much on so many issues about how polarized the state is and how Democrats and Republicans have completely opposite views about pretty much everything under the sun,” says Jensen. “We found on the issue of these laws protecting LGBT people against discrimination that Democrats by 65 points, Independents by 57 points and Republicans by 18 points all support those kinds of laws.”

Still, a disconnect between what voters want and what party leadership actually does has kept a lot of this legislation from being passed.

Jensen says this can be seen particularly among Republicans, and it may not change until their constituents start to vote differently.

“I think the point at which you would actually see Republican politicians really change their behavior on that kind of stuff is if they start losing primaries because of it,” says Jensen.

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